ETU helps special commodity trade industry operators succeed in Finland and internationally. ETU, established in 1920 (formerly known as The Association of Products and Services), represents 13 industries and approximately 900 member companies in the multi-channel trade.

Federation of Finnish Special Commodity Trade ETU

Our mission is to enhance economical and commercial activities and growth in our fields of businesses – mostly within specialty trade.The Federation publishes news and takes initiatives in order to promote the success of the the business and its members. We organise events and trainings, which have a strong business theme, ranging from specific trade issues and opportunities to broader matters of economic policy and trade legislation. Our events also provide a useful opportunity for networking between the Federation’s members and invited guests.

Over 900 ETU member companies operate in both consumer and wholesale trade and they represent the non-food specialty trade and the health and well-being sectors. The federation was founded in 1920 and is one of the oldest trade associations in Finland.

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Federation of Finnish Special Commodity Trade ETU
Address: Eteläranta 10, 00130 Helsinki, Finland

Managing Director Ulla Pöllänen
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