Uutiset 05.02.2018

Bulletin: STL is now ETU

The Federation of Finnish Wholesalers and Importers (STL) has changed its name to The Association of Products and Services Trade ETU. The new name reflects ETU's shift over a long time from an organisation representing a single distributorship to a promoter of an multi-channel environment. The products and services trade consists of selling professional and consumer products and related services to both companies and consumers, and it also includes consumer goods and durables trade.

ETU's mission is the viability of the Finnish products and services trade market. 

"We were often seen as an organisation representing only wholesaling and importing companies due to our previous name. That has not been the reality for a long time. Our role as a central actor in the products and services trade is reinforced by the new name," says Risto Salo, Chairperson of the association. 

ETU's strategic goals include creating balanced and improved cooperation in the entire trade sector and the overall well-being of the industry as well as the society at large. 

"We want to be a partner in promoting cooperation and structural development in the trade industry to benefit both society and its citizens. The success of Finnish trade creates well-being for all," says Lauri Pyökäri, Managing Director of ETU. 

ETU helps trade industry operators succeed in Finland and internationally. The previously exclusive organisation has changed its statutes and made membership available to new organisations in the industry.

"At ETU, we have the best expertise and knowledge of the products and services trade. We are willing to collaborate closely with our partners and work hard to make our voice heard in decision-making processes," promises Pyökäri.

More information: 

The Association of Products and Services Trade ETU
Chairperson Risto Salo, +358 40 042 1535, risto.salo@sultrade.fi
Managing Director Lauri Pyökäri, +358 50 304 4844, lauri.pyokari@etu.fi